Things I wish i’d have known before A levels..

A-levels are that daunting two years that you are confronted with whilst going throughout school. Nobody seems to approach the idea that A-Levels aren’t the only option for you. It makes GCSE results day more nerve-wracking than it already is, when you have a dream school or sixth form but you just need them finalising grades to make it. However, if you’d have looked at me on results day and asked me my thoughts on A-levels I’d probably have smirked with a hint of confidence and a handful of cool stationary. However, back then I was almost oblivious to what was around the corner.

These are just a few of the things I wish someone would have told me before I started my A-levels.

Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines: Get used to this word because you’ll be hearing it pretty frequently and pretty abruptly. In Sixth form it is your job to make sure you meet deadlines and don’t fall behind. Fall behind and its your own fault. Theres no more of teachers chasing you up and giving you detentions for not completing it. It’s down to you to meet those deadlines and pass. If you don’t do this then you’ll fall behind and soon before you know it you’ll be confronted with a massive pile of handouts and worksheets from September in February, not ideal.

It is hard work: A-levels are a HUGE jump from GCSE’s and don’t take it lightly when teachers tell you this because the really aren’t lying. It’s going to take you a while to get used to the jump and adjust to it and to be honest you’ll most likely never fully adjust. Just remember, with A levels you can’t plain sail like you may have done with your GCSE’s its one wavy ocean.

It’s down to you: Unlike GCSE’s where there is no option but to be there as far as teachers are concerned you chose to start sixth form, you didn’t decide to do an apprenticeship or college course. As I previously mentioned the teachers will not be chasing you for work and will expect you to meet deadlines, you’ll learn to love this as it helps you to gain some independence and is helping you to prepare for further studies such as uni!

Free periods aren’t so ‘free’: It’s all fun and games when you receive your new timetable and start comparing with all your mates which free periods you have the same however you’ll soon realise that you need these free periods more than anything and no, not to gossip, but to actually work yes trust me it shocked me this much too. I promise you that the sooner you realise how important your frees are to get your head down and work the better! If you use your free’s for work then it’ll give you SO much less work to do at home. I’m gonna sounds like that annoying teacher but, SOCIALISE AT BREAK AND LUNCH!

Ask questions!: Don’t sit quietly if you don’t understand something just ASK! After all thats what the teacher is there for and unfortunately unlike GCSE’s it’s not so easy to go home, read a textbook and understand it.

Make sure to have breaks!: It’s impossible to spend all your time focused on your A-levels and studying, work hard but play hard also. Set break times, don’t work in these, allow yourself these work breaks to relax and stay sane. Trust me you wont do well if you’ve constantly got your head over a textbook 24/7, promise!

Enjoy what you do: Think to yourself if you really are enjoying these subjects. After all you have to study these subjects more in-depth than you ever had to before so make sure you enjoy them and you are passionate about the subject, don’t pick a subject just because your friend does, it’s going to effect your future.

Most importantly… ENJOY: Make the most of these last two years of secondary education, get involved, make friends and work hard!

Hope you found this useful, See you soon,



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